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Purple Destiny?

The Joe Scarpa public art piece entitled  “Authors of Our Own Destiny” (also known as the “big book”) located out front of the North Natomas Library was recently given a makeover by artist Anthony Padilla on behalf of  Here We Build.   This was part of the #Here We Purple event held held on April 21st in Sacramento to show support for the Kings by “painting the town purple” while the NBA was in town meeting with local business leaders.

More information and photos of artist Anthony Padilla painting the book can be found on the  Natomas Buzz website.

The “Authors of Our Own Destiny” is an interactive piece of public art and, as posted on the Friends of the North Natomas Library Facebook page,  there is no selection or application process for community members to contribute to the piece. Anyone who wants can add images to the book. The work stays up only until the next person comes along and adds their own work.  It’s pretty much a free-for-all. Anyone putting art on the piece needs to realize it will only stay up until the next artist comes along.

Natomas has been the recipient of many pieces of public art.  To see a map of this and other public art in Natomas check out the Public Art page on this website.

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Public Artwork at Westlake Park is Restored

The artwork titled “Clowns,” by artist Robert Charland has been restored to perfect condition. The playful sculptures were commissioned by the Art in Public Places Program in 2006. They adorn a semi-circle seat wall that encloses the picnic and barbeque area of the park. Westlake Park is located at Del Paso Road just west of I-5 in the North Natomas area.

Reposted from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission Art in Public Places News & Information

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